Chibagu finally speaks in Parliament

Chibagu finally speaks in Parliament
Chibagu finally speaks in Parliament

Chibagu finally speaks in Parliament

Proportional Representation legislator Getrude Chibagu finally spoke in Parliament when she contributed to a debate on the provision of free sanitary pads.

Chibagu who is a seasoned legislator by the number of years she has been in Parliament spent the whole of 2021 without saying a word in the National Assembly.

She was among a group of mute legislators that includes prominent businessman Philip Chiyangwa.

Chibagu thanked Honourable Precious Chinhamo Masango for raising the motion.

Below is the full text of what Honourable Chibagu said during the debate.

Honourable Getrude Chibagu: I would like to add a few words also. Let me say thank the Hon. Member for raising this important motion on sanitary wear. We have learnt an important lesson is that it is a good thing for our children to have free sanitary wear.

When you have your periods, you tend to have mood swings to the extent that people misunderstand them. Therefore, they should have sanitary wear during such a period and not use cow dung.

As women in Zimbabwe, we are also counted as people or citizens of this nation. In the past, such issues were swept under the carpet. Even the tissues and other clothes that were used were compromising the reproductive health of our children but providing them with sanitary wear shows that our girls can grow up in a healthy environment. As women and as Honourable Members, let us unite and work together so that we come up with a position that will benefit young girls. Let me thank you, Hon. Members and I would like to thank the First Lady for moving around and assisting young girls.

We are now enlightened as Zimbabweans, and we know the rights of our people. In every province in Zimbabwe, let us as women MPs move around assisting women because we know their rights and what should be done.

The point is that when God created men and women, he created them with different biological make-ups. We are different and so, I would like to thank the First Lady for her assistance. You find that while other girls are being helped, you find vulnerable girls and orphans without sanitary wear. We need to work on that so that every province is provided with sanitary wear. I would not say much but I would like to thank you and as women, this is why we came to this House. I thank you.

Chibagu finally speaks in Parliament