Chasi speaks on Presidential aspirations

Chasi speaks on Presidential aspirations
Chasi speaks on Presidential aspirations

Chasi speaks on Presidential aspirations

Mazowe South legislator Fortune Chasi has opened on the issue of the alleged Presidential aspiration that made rounds on social media many months ago.

Social media followers have been urging Chasi to consider running for President, arguing that he has the qualities and character.

Some went as far as making posters that were circulated on Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

However, in an interview, Chasi who is a former Minister of Energy and Power Development, has denied harbouring such ambitions.

Speaking in an interview on OpenParly Twitter Grill, Chasi said one does not just wake up and aspire to be a President of the country.

He said the job requires a lot of resources, hard work and developing a thick skin to criticism and insults.

‘’Now coming to Clint who asked about me becoming a Vice President or President. The first thing is you must not want a position.

‘’If you really want to serve you must want the work that is going to be done and at times that is where we get it wrong that I become an MP and my motivation is to become a minister so if you are looking at benefits and appearances to the public.

‘’I think the real work is extremely painful. I must make it very clear that at no time have I ever contemplated or even communicated a desire to be President to anyone, you don’t just wake up on your own and say I want to be President, when you don’t even have the money to do anything about it.

‘’What I saw on Twitter and Facebook and other media where posters were done and was done without my knowledge, without my involvement, and without my condonation,’’ he said

We must all be prepared to serve and not complain

According to Honourable Chasi, every person must be prepared to serve their country and not just complain about the situation.

‘’But I did tell you in the beginning that we all must be prepared to serve our country. It’s not enough for you to complain from home but not be prepared to do the hard work that is necessary to take our country to another level.

‘’And so, if in the unlikely event and that occurs, I will obviously give due consideration to it, knowing full well that these are very difficult jobs.

‘’You can never please everyone, you will always be criticised, and you will always be very busy with very little family life.

‘’So, those are some of the issues that at a specific time one can look at. You look at your own health, you can’t be staggering into your office and failing to do your work because you are not healthy, but you still want to be there. I hope I have answered that important question,’’ he said.

Chasi speaks on Presidential aspirations