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Charumbira elected PAP President, lays out 10-point plan

Charumbira elected PAP President, lays out 10-point plan

Senator Chief Fortune Charumbira who was elected the 5th President of the Pan African Parliament (PAP) says the victory is for the people of Africa.

In his acceptance speech, Senator Charumbira said he is going to use his position to help tackle the challenges confronting Africa.

‘’I am humbled and extraordinarily honoured by the overwhelming support and the confidence reposed in me by my election as the 5th President of this noble institution – The Pan African Parliament.

Let me say this at the onset; in this contest that just concluded, there are no losers! In fact, the big winner today is the African continent and the African people that have been yearning for our collective interventions to myriads of challenges confronting the continent.

You have spoken with one voice and I, working collaboratively with all of you, will not relent in our collective desire, as eloquently expressed in this election, to bring back the Pan African Parliament to its proper position as a continental legislative body,’’ he said.

Chief Charumbira also paid tribute to President Emmerson Mnangagwa for supporting his candidacy and also the Southern Region Caucus.

‘’I want to thank my country Zimbabwe, my fellow Zimbabwe delegation to the Pan African Parliament and in a very special way our President – His Excellency Emmerson Mnangagwa for this unprecedented and foundational support to my candidacy and without which I wouldn’t be standing here today.

‘’To my brothers and sisters in the Southern Regional Caucus, this victory is for you. For several years, you stood by me and consistently affirmed my nomination as your candidate. You withstood several attacks, sacrificed so much in terms of time, talent and resources to see that equity and fairness are restored at the Pan African Parliament.

‘’I won’t harbor any mistaken illusion that the struggle that preceded my election as President was about me. However, I cannot lose sight of your decision to entrust me and present me as the anchor of those values, principles and convictions that were manifested in the struggle that preceded my election today. I’m honored that you chose me, and I am more inspired by your support, consistent tenacity for equity and fervent determination to speak with one voice. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

Chief Charumbira also took the opportunity to announce the 10-point implementation plan meant to help confront the challenges on the African continent.

These include:

1.       Pursue a complete harmonization of the MP’s Benefits, Privileges and Status with the AU.

2.       Enhancement of sitting allowances for MP’s, welfare and per diem remunerations during missions.  Working with the Bureau and the Secretariat, I will use my incomparable experience of AU systems to lobby for enhanced funding architecture for these issues.

3.       Ensure the allocation of adequate financial resources for our committee activities with an enhanced welfare package for optimal performance. Committees are the engines of the work of Parliament.

4.       Lobby for enhanced incorporation and engagement of PAP MPs in Election Observer Missions (EOM’s) and ensure that PAP MP’s, who are the pillars of Africa’s democracy, constitute up to 50% of the AU EOM delegation.

5.       Institutionalize a staff review process that complements skills and expertise while ensuring job security, fairness and balance in Staff Regional Distribution and Functions.

6.       Restore prudent management of resources at PAP and value for money by ensuring a harmonious working relationship with donor partners through robust implementation of remediation recommendations in audit reports.

7.       Mainstream gender issues and ensure that affirmative guidelines on gender equity and inclusiveness are prioritized in the Structures of the PAP.

8.       Initiate a robust parliamentary program on youth empowerment and institute policies that will harness the vast growing youth population in the continent.

9.       Introduce an advocacy initiative meant to enhance poverty eradication program in line with AU Agenda 2063 and SDG priorities that seek to promote value addition and Agricultural modernization across the continent; and lastly,

10.     Pursue an expeditious ratification of the Malabo Protocol and work to ensure that PAP legislative mandate to create model law for the region is institutionalized.

Charumbira elected PAP President, lays out 10-point plan

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