”Chamisa has the ability to bring change to Zimbabwe”

''Chamisa has the ability to bring change to Zimbabwe''
''Chamisa has the ability to bring change to Zimbabwe''

”Chamisa has the ability to bring change to Zimbabwe”

Recalled MDC Alliance Councillor for Epworth Ward 6 Batanai Masunda says even though he has hopes of retaining his seat in by-elections, but that will not bring about the change that will benefit young people.

He said young people need jobs and opportunities and that those can only come if Nelson Chamisa becomes President of Zimbabwe.

According to Masunda, there is a need for wholesome change and not piece-meal change.

Speaking in an interview, he said, ‘’Looking at the by-elections, retaining our seats through these by-elections will not change anything for the young people.

‘’But if we manage to get into government in 2023, us getting into council and then getting someone like Chamisa winning the Presidency, we believe young people working with Chamisa they will benefit in many ways.

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‘’Industries will open, and many projects will be initiated in communities so that the youths can get the jobs that is what we are expecting and hoping for that there should be a wholesome change and not just changing councillors but also changing the ruling government,’’ he said.

Youths most affected by unemployment

In the past decade, Zimbabwe is said to have had a 90% unemployment rate due to deindustrialisation.

Most companies have closed shop or scaled down their operations due to difficult operating environments.

Young people have been the most affected by unemployment. This has forced them to turn to drugs while those that are enterprising have turned to vend.

In its 2018 election manifesto, the ruling party Zanu PF promised to create millions of jobs for young people.

However, three years after the elections, the jobs are yet to materialise.

This has seen some opting to go to South Africa for all kinds of jobs where they are at times abused and killed in xenophobic attacks.

Political watchers are of the view that if President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Nelson Chamisa meet, Zimbabwe will return to its greatness.

However, both Chamisa and Mnangagwa have refused to meet each other. They have all put conditions they want to be met before they can meet.-

”Chamisa has the ability to bring change to Zimbabwe”