Chamisa Castigates Mnangagwa For Imposing Goat Scheme In Chipinge.

Chamisa Castigates Mnangagwa For Imposing Goat Scheme In Chipinge.

Chamisa Castigates Mnangangwa For Imposing Goat Scheme In Chipinge.

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa castigated President Emmerson Mnangagwa for imposing the goat scheme in Chipinge.

Chamisa maintains that the scheme is fundamentally at odds with needs of the community.

This comes after Mnangagwa recently rolled out the  Presidential Goat Scheme in Chipinge about a week before Chamisa’s address.

The Presidential Goat scheme seeks to build resilience and improve livelihoods in rural communities. A total of 632 000 improved goat breeds will be distributed to beneficiaries across the country.

Speaking during a Thank You Rally in Chipinge West last Saturday Chamisa insisted that development must not be imposed on  communities.

He added that consultations should precede any empowerment program.

“We aim to improve Chipinge and bring it back to the level of development it had in 1992 when people were farming cotton commercially in Chisumbanje,” Chamisa said.

“This is contrary to what Mnangagwa is doing by giving you goats, who asked for the goats?

“Dont provide communities with things they have not requested.

Instead, go to Chipinge and find out what they need to advance development there,” Chamisa said.

Chamisa suggested that communities in Chipinge would interested in cotton farming, access to farming land and irrigation in order to restore Chipinge’s developmental status.

According to media reports the success of the cotton industry in Zimbabwe was necessitated by Cottco inputs credit scheme.

The credit scheme began in 1992 but cotton production in Chisumbanje was negatively affected when farmers were displaced from their ancestral and farming land.

Chamisa applauded the different people who originate from Chipinge and have served the nation in different capacities.

“Given Chipinge’s contributions, it is unacceptable that what you are given as pay back, is taking your farming land and giving it to Billy Rautenberg,” he added.

Thousands of people were displaced from their ancestral lands and farming land to make way for Green Fuel.

Green Fuel is a company that produces ethanol that is blended with petrol used in Zimbabwe.
The company is owned by business tycoon Billy Rautenberg who is said to be a close ally of Mnangagwa.

Chamisa Castigates Mnangagwa For Imposing Goat Scheme In Chipinge.