Candidate Nomination Process: CCC to announce successful nominees


Citizens coalition for Change is expected to announce names of candidates who were successfully nominated in the candidate nomination process this Tuesday.

As the 2023 harmonized elections draw near, some political parties have activated intra party mechanisms to select candidates who will represent them in the elections.

Zanu-PF called the proposed a primary election while the CCC conducted a candidate nomination process which will go through stages until a candidate to represent the party is selected.

Speaking during a press conference held in Harare last week CCC spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere said after the verification process the successful nominees will be announced.

“….Immediately after the Easter break is over on Tuesday(today), we are going to continue with daily updates which will obviously be delivering the feedback or the returns on who has been nominated.

The nomination has four stages; nomination, verification, stakeholder consultations, citizen caucus where candidates will be expected to deliver a manifesto.


The candidate nomination process which was conduct on 5 April 2023 experienced incidences of violence which will result in the disqualification of perpetrators once investigations are concluded.

However, Mahere said violence was not tolerated.

“Violence is culture of Zanu-PF and we condemn it.

“Any person found responsible or for causing violence will be automatically disqualified from any form of participation of the candidate selection process whether by nomination, by making your voice heard or even standing.

“Investigations have already commenced in the limited cases where such reports were received,” she said.

According to Mahere 90 percent of the nominations were conducted without any complaints.

However, she maintained that the Citizen Independent Selection Panel (CISP) was ready to deal with any complaints that may have arisen.

A representative of the CISP at the press conference mentioned that a few candidates who has been nominated such as Harare West nominees Joanna Mamombe and Vongai Tome.