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Matambanadzo’s last moments in Parliament

The late Kwekwe Central legislator Masango Matambanadzo popularly known as “Blackman” was born on the 26th of February1964 in Hurungwe and is former member of Zanu PF before he crossed the floor to National Patriotic Front (NPF) after the 2017 Operation Restore Legacy that removed the late Robert Mugabe.

Honourable Matambanadzo was first elected into Parliament in 2013 under a Zanu PF ticket before his re-election for the second term in 2018 under NPF where he was secretary for mines.

In terms of education, Blackman only attended primary education at Mhondoro Primary School and got some training from Chitepo School of Ideology.

The late legislator last attended Parliament on the 15th of July and participated in the Question and Answer Session. Below is his last moments in the National Assembly.

HON. MATAMBANADZO: Thank you Madam Speaker. My question is directed to the Minister of Home Affairs because he is responsible for the security in this country with regards to the Covid-19 pandemic. I would like to know where we are as a country in terms of technology to prevent people so that they may travel around freely. We have tried a lot to control. Right now there is a problem, sometimes you get beaten by police and soldiers even if you may have masks. People are suffering because of such harassment. So we want to know where you are instead of copying what other countries have done. If South Africa does a thing, you copy and any other thing that it does, you also copy from them. Look at what God has done, He has blessed us but where are you regarding the free movement of people with the knowledge that they should abide by the law of wearing their masks? The economy should move forward and people should carry out their businesses freely for them to survive. Our people are hungry.

*THE MINISTER OF HOME AFFAIRS AND CULTURAL HERITAGE (HON. KAZEMBE: Thank you Madam Speaker. I do not think I understood the question. I will try to answer but if I fail, forgive me, I will ask him to repeat the question. I think I heard him ask where we are, because when people move, he wants them to abide by the laws. I do not know if I heard correctly that people should follow – he first asked how far we have gone in terms of technology but I do not understand the question.

THE DEPUTY SPEAKER: Let us give him an opportunity to repeat the question.

HON. MATAMBANADZO: Thank you Madam Speaker. The Minister did not understand. Which language should I use Hon. Minister so that you understand? – [Laughter] –

THE DEPUTY SPEAKER: Use the language that you are comfortable with.

HON. MATAMBANADZO: Alright, English. I asked where we are now as Zimbabwean people, very intelligent and educated and up to today, we are still in education and have the intelligence. What new technology is now in place or is expected to be put in place so that people move freely to and from their work places and attend funeral wakes without any harassment from the police and soldiers? I ask this because the police and the soldiers are harassing people when they are coming from work. These people will be wearing their masks. As a country, we should not follow other countries on everything. South Africa do that, we follow suit, they ban beer, beer is now illegal –

THE HON. DEPUTY SPEAKER: I think you have finished asking your question Hon. Matambanadzo.

HON. MATAMBANADZO: Madam Speaker, we want to show other countries that Zimbabwe has educated people, Ministers and so on. Thank you.

HON. KAZEMBE: Thank you Madam Speaker Ma’am. I would like to thank the Hon. Member for the question. The Hon. Member is asking what technology are we thinking of deploying to ensure that people are not harassed when they move around. If that is what I understood, I am not so sure if there is such technology to date, which can monitor people as they move around to ensure that they are complying, in this particular case with Covid regulations. I am not so sure but we stand open to suggestions. I know that Education 5.0 is trying to cure such things to try and ensure that we come up with our own products and services developed in this country. So, if there is need for such technology, I believe and trust, Hon. Prof. Murwira will look into that.

However, I would like to say that the issue of conforming to regulations; like I alluded to earlier on, I am kindly appealing to even us as Members of Parliament to spread the word. You do not need a police officer to tell you how to protect yourself and save your own life. Let us all spread the word, it is a question of attitude amongst our people. We do not expect a police officer to be everywhere to monitor and see if a person is wearing a mask or practicing social distancing. We are simply saying, we are kindly asking this august House to speak to our people out there to try and encourage them to conform to the regulations in the best interest of all Zimbabweans.

Personally, Madam Speaker Ma’am, I would probably not even allow anyone to speak next to me without wearing a mask. I do not need a police officer for me to do that for the simple reason that I need to protect myself. So, I am simply saying, let us all act responsibly out there. It could be the shop-owner or company owner; let us just ensure that we follow the procedures as regulated by the Minister of Health and Child Care and the World Health Organisation, not only in the interest of public health but our own health. I thank you.

HON. MATAMBANADZO: My supplementary to the Minister Madam Speaker is; he said they do not have any new technology, which is very bad as I see it. He should also answer and give us a very good answer because we have had Covid for so many months and we do not want a Minister who relaxes in the office, that is why we end up following what other countries do– [Laughter.] –

THE HON. DEPUTY SPEAKER: Hon. Matambanadzo, ask your question.

HON. MATAMBANADZO: No, it is a supplementary. You know what Madam Speaker; they know that we have got a very good Minister Prof. Murwira from the University of Zimbabwe. He is trying his best; he is the one who gave us all these sanitisers and masks, if I am not mistaken…

*THE HON. DEPUTY SPEAKER: Hon. Matambanadzo, ask your question.

HON. MATAMBANADZO: Alright. My question is this; you were supposed to sit with the Minister, Hon. Prof. Murwira beforehand, in order to solve this issue. The gentleman is very smart and intelligent but the ministers, they are sitting, they are not doing anything…

THE HON. DEPUTY SPEAKER:That is not a question Hon. Matambanadzo.

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