#ElectionsZW: Chamisa to field recalled MPs in by-elections

#ElectionsZW: Chamisa to field recalled MPs in by-elections
#ElectionsZW: Chamisa to field recalled MPs in by-elections

#ElectionsZW: Chamisa to field recalled MPs in by-elections

By Aleck Murimigwa

MDC Alliance secretary for elections Ian Makone has revealed that recalled legislators and councillors will contest in the impending by-elections without being subjected to primary elections.

There were fears that the party would allow primary elections to be conducted, but Makone said the move is meant to console the recalled cadres.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa proclaimed the 26th of March as the date for the by-election to fill the vacant 28 seats in Parliament.

Most of the vacancies arose after the legislators were recalled by Douglas Mwonzora for pledging their loyalty to Nelson Chamisa.

Mwonzora accused the recalled MPs of joining the MDC Alliance party led by Chamisa and that they denounced his leadership.

Mwonzora’s MDC T is, however, using the same MDC Alliance name to contest the March by-elections.

It has been the norm that when parliamentary or council vacancies arise, main contesting political parties like Zanu PF and the MDCs, first conduct primary elections to elect their representatives.

This is not the case with Chamisa, who is sympathizing with the legislators and councillors sacked for his name.

“In the case of recalled councillors and MPs, our principle of solidarity has informed the party decision to retain them as candidates,” Makone said in an interview.

However, for the vacancies that arose as a result of death and recalls by Zanu PF, Chamisa’s party is fielding candidates who are seconded by the communities in which they reside.

“We seek to field candidates who resonate with the community they will serve and apply the consensus approach.  We are presently engaging stakeholders,” Makone added. 

Chamisa whose party is preparing the March by-elections amid fears of party name confusion in the ballot has assured his support base he has the situation under control.

“We have heard you. We listened and it shall be done as per your command and demand. Timing and strategy is everything. The new way. The new wave. It’s time for change. Let’s teach them a lesson,” Chamisa wrote on Friday.

Sources within the Chamisa camp confirmed the 44-year-old politician has given in to public pressure to rebrand his party and forsake the tainted MDC name.

Saturday morning, Chamisa, who prefers riddles, wrote on Twitter suggesting the MDC Alliance name could be a dead horse that needs to be dropped.

“In life, always know the correct time to get off a dead horse,”

#ElectionsZW: Chamisa to field recalled MPs in by-elections

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