#ElectionsZW: We are contesting in the by-elections says Busha

#ElectionsZW: We are contesting in the by-elections says Busha
#ElectionsZW: We are contesting in the by-elections says Busha

Freezim Congress has added to a growing list of opposition parties that will be taking part in the impending by-elections.

Zimbabwe is set to hold by-elections on the 26th of March this year to fill vacant parliamentary seats.

Most seats became vacant due to recalls of legislators by MDC-T due to factional fights.

There are some that were a result of recalls by Zanu PF as well the death of legislators in some constituencies.

Although most opposition parties and political commentators are of the view that the by-elections are a waste of resources, Freezim Congress president Joseph Makamba Busha confirmed that his party will take part.

‘’We are contesting, and we hope our candidates will be on the ground visibly this time. I will provide the constituencies and wards,’’ he said.

Other opposition parties that will be participating include Labour Economist African Democrats (LEAD) which is led by Linda Masarira.

According to Masarira, her party is already finalising the candidates list.

Masarira also indicated that LEAD will strive to achieve 50/50 between males and females in terms of candidates.

She also took the opportunity to highlight that she will stand in Harare Central Constitution.

National Patriotic Front (NPF) which is led by Peter Munyanduri has also confirmed that it contest and will field candidates mostly in Harare

Transform Zimbabwe which is led by Jacob Ngarivhume said they will wait for the 2023 general elections, adding that they will not waste energy and resources on by-elections.

It is not yet clear if the MDC Alliance which is led by Nelson Chamisa will take part. The party held its meeting last night but the communique shared with the media by party spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere did not indicate the party status on the by-elections.

If anything, the communique focussed its attention on the 2023 general elections and voter registration exercise.

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