#ElectionsZW: MDC Alliance raps ZEC over voter registration

#ElectionsZW: MDC Alliance raps ZEC over voter registration
#ElectionsZW: MDC Alliance raps ZEC over voter registration

#ElectionsZW: MDC Alliance raps ZEC over voter registration

MDC Alliance has savaged the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), over voter suppression which the opposition has said is sabotaging the prospects of a credible, free and fair 2023 elections outcome.

Last December ZEC cancelled its voter registration blitz exercise citing Covid-19 related challenges. Critics castigated the decision describing it as a retrogressive measure depriving citizens of their constitutional rights to register to vote.

MDC Alliance spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere in a Tuesday statement branded voter suppression unconstitutional and called for the immediate implementation of electoral reforms.

“The people’s leadership calls for ZEC to stop the unconstitutional and illegal voter suppression and creation of bottlenecks in the voter registration process.

“We also call for the delivery of a transparent, verifiable voters’ roll.

“We call for the implementation of the electoral reforms set out in our Principles for Reliable Inclusive and Credible Elections in Zimbabwe (PRICE) document, including the alignment of the Electoral Act to the Constitution, the demilitarization of the ZEC secretariat, media reform, and a transparent census and delimitation process,” said Mahere.

Address IDs crisis before elections

Recently President Emmerson Mnangagwa announced that by-elections will be held on March 26.

The opposition argued that the proclamation of by-elections was not coupled with electoral reforms it believes are required to achieve credible, free, and fair elections results.

Mahere further charged that government should urgently address the national identity document crisis to avail an opportunity for youths to vote in the upcoming 2023.

“The movement has embarked on a dedicated youth mobilization drive to ensure that the young are registered and mobilized to vote and defend the vote in 2023,” concluded Mahere.

Critics have bemoaned what’s becoming a trend by opposition parties, which is to push for reforms on the eve of elections.

#ElectionsZW: MDC Alliance raps ZEC over voter registration

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