By-elections are necessary and we are participating says Linda Masarira

By-elections are necessary and we are participating says Linda Masarira
By-elections are necessary and we are participating says Linda Masarira

Labour Economist African Democrats leader Linda Masarira says impending by-elections should proceed because they are a constitutional provision.

Masarira’s comments come at a time when there are other political parties and civic society organisations lobbying for the postponement of the polls.

Top among those advocating for the foregoing of the polls is the MDC-T led by Douglas Mwonzora and some sections of the church.

Others are of the view that by-elections should only happen after reforms have been instituted.

It is believed that the electoral system and body must reform first if the country is to hold credible, free, and fair elections.

While there is no clear date for the polls, it is widely believed to be in the first quarter of 2022.

Most leading political parties have been putting everything in place as a way of preparing for the polls.

In an interview, LEAD president Linda Masarira also indicated that her party is busy on the ground mobilising.

‘’By-elections are a constitutional provision. Whenever a seat falls vacant, by-elections should happen to replace the incumbent.

‘’So, it is very necessary for by-elections to happen so that these vacant seats can be filled. It is important for every constituency and every ward to have representation that will be able to influence policy and ensure development in the areas.

‘’So, it is important that the by-elections are done because we still have about one and half years to go until the 2023 elections.

‘’As LEAD, we are participating in the by-elections because we have participated in the previous by-elections. We are keeping up with our election strategy and we are on the ground mobilising ensuring that we have all our shadow councillors and shadow MPs in place who know what they do and understand the ideology so that they can sell it properly to the electorate,’’ she said.

Masarira’s views are also shared by Freezim Congress leader Joseph Makamba Busha.

Busha believes postponing by-elections will be illegal as it denies people their political freedom

‘’There is a massive need for change and reconfiguration of the electoral system in Zimbabwe. The elections cannot be postponed that will be illegal, unconstitutional and a travesty of social justice and political freedom,’’ he said.

Besides the by-elections, Zimbabwe is scheduled to hold general elections in 2023. The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission is already making preparation for the polls through the implementation of the delimitation exercise that will be after the census.

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