COVID-19 cases spike in Zimbabwe

COVID-19 cases spike in Zimbabwe
COVID-19 cases spike in Zimbabwe

COVID-19 cases spike in Zimbabwe

COVID-19 cases have begun to spike, the beginning of the month recorded 712 new cases adding on to hundreds of thousands of cumulative cases to reaching over 1000 the following day.

The numbers have been on a sharp increase, the latest numbers from the 6th of December are 2555 new cases.

Experts worry that with the festive season upon us and the Omicron variant wreaking havoc, the numbers can only go up.

This has been linked to the excessive travelling that comes with holidays as people try to spend time with their loved ones.

Authorities have long linked the spike in cases in Zimbabwe to the general complacency of the public. What’s worse Zimbabweans have gone through multiple waves of Covid19, something that has either made one extra cautious or complacent after recovering or witnessing the virus first-hand.

The government has been making frantic efforts to be more accessible to the public by extending the vaccination drive to public bus stations and teenagers have also been allowed to get vaccinated.

To guard against severe illnesses government has also been encouraging frontline workers, the elderly, and those with chronic illnesses to go for booster shots.

Experts say booster shots will be open for everyone when the nation secures more vaccines which could be next month.

While numbers spike, one would have expected more restrictions to be announced but that is yet to happen.

Political analysts warn that it may be a while before that happens given the scheduled Zanu PF primary elections set to take place later in the month. A local think tank, the Zimbabwe Democracy Institute has called for the government to adhere to level 2 lockdown measures and refrain from huge gatherings that have been recorded.

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