#ElectionsZW: By-elections will help gauge political temperature

#ElectionsZW: By-elections will help gauge political temperature
#ElectionsZW: By-elections will help gauge political temperature

#ElectionsZW: By-elections will help gauge political temperature

Freezim Congress leader Joseph Busha says while his party is putting strategies to try and win the 2023 general elections, the impending by-elections will help gauge the political temperature.

Elections in Zimbabwe are often associated with violence and intimidation of opposition members and voters.

This has seen many losing their lives, getting injured and displaced among others.

There is also the destruction of property in some cases, and this has seen various groups calling for the postponement of the polls.

Right now, as the country is gearing for the by-elections, violence has been reported in many parts of the country.

Just recently, MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa alleged that his vehicles were stoned by suspected Zanu PF supporters in Masvingo and Manicaland.

In an interview, Busha said while the by-elections are not relevant, they will however help to determine how violent the 2023 general elections will be.

‘’We are putting our campaign strategy together, preparing to campaign to win. I think the by-elections in 2022 will be a gauge of the political temperature. Given general elections coming in 2023, I think they will not be relevant and must remain vacant until 2023,’’ he said.

There is need for massive reforms

With regards to whether he shares the same views with other parties that are calling for electoral reforms before the elections, Busha said there is a need for massive changes.

He, however, spoke against calls for election postponement, arguing that it will be unconstitutional.

‘’Yes, there is a massive need for change and reconfiguration of the electoral system in Zimbabwe. The elections cannot be postponed. That will be illegal, unconstitutional and a travesty of social justice and political freedom,’’ he said.

Former Tourism Minister in the Robert Mugabe government, Walter Mzembi, recently urged political parties to consider joining POLAD if they want reforms.

He also added that they must drop some of their demands for the sake of reforms, arguing that going into elections without reforms will not change anything.

#ElectionsZW: By-elections will help gauge political temperature

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