We are 40% towards COVID-19 herd immunity, says Govt

We are 40% towards COVID-19 herd immunity, says Govt
We are 40% towards COVID-19 herd immunity, says Govt

We are 40% towards COVID-19 herd immunity, says Govt

The Deputy Minister of Health and Child Care John Mangwiro has told Parliament that the is now at 40% towards the COVID-19 vaccination herd immunity.

Zimbabwe has an estimated 16 million people, and the government is looking at inoculating about 60% of them to reach herd immunity.

The deputy minister made the revelation while answering a question from Honourable Thokozani Khupe in the National Assembly.

Honourable Khupe wanted to know whether the country would attain herd immunity by year-end as was promised.

In his response, the deputy minister said herd immunity was within reach and that it will be helped by the commencement of vaccination of those between 16 and 17 years.

‘’Thank you, Honourable Chair, and thank you Honourable Khupe for the enquiry about when we are going to reach herd immunity.  I must say that by year-end, right now we are almost at 40% because the last two weeks we were at 38% and now we are almost at 40%.

‘’In the same vein, we have said as the government, those between 16 and 17 can now be vaccinated and most of them are our Form Four to Upper Six students.

‘’These make a large number of our population – we all know that Zimbabwe’s population is mainly the young ones. So, we are out to vaccinate these young people within the shortest space of time, maybe in the next two to three weeks, we are going to be going to schools to vaccinate them on site.

‘’As usual, our outreach programs are still very effective, and they are all out in full force. We have been holding meetings with Provincial Ministers, PMDs, church leaders, traditional leaders and everyone involved so that we target and reach our herd immunity this year-end,’’ he said.

Zim has enough vaccine stocks

Deputy Mangwiro also took the opportunity to inform the country that Zimbabwe still has adequate stocks of COVID-19 vaccine to reach herd immunity, adding that more is coming.

‘’Also, the vaccines are plenty-some; we still have enough to get us there. Next week, we are expecting to receive another million additional vaccines, which means we are on course.

‘’Every week, we have something prepared, bought by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development where we are expecting a delivery. So, I implore members of the House to also go out in full force with us, be it Honourable Senators, Members of Parliament and Ministers, to make sure we achieve the herd immunity that we want, of 60%.

‘’I must remind Honourable Members that this pandemic is likely to be with us until maybe 2023/24.  Other countries have started seeing the fourth wave now, so we are quite familiar that once the fourth wave starts somewhere, definitely it will come to us.  So, we want the fourth wave when we have done our best in terms of vaccination.

‘’I want to thank the Hon. Member and want to encourage all Members of Parliament, councillors and everyone, that we all go out in full force to make sure we get the vaccination and make sure that we are protected,’’ he said.

We are 40% towards COVID-19 herd immunity, says Govt

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