#ElectionsZW: Govt to set aside election preparatory funds

#ElectionsZW: Govt to set aside election preparatory funds
#ElectionsZW: Govt to set aside election preparatory funds

ElectionsZW: Govt to set aside election preparatory funds

Treasury has said it is going to allocate general elections preparatory funds in the 2022 National Budget.

The 2022 National Budget will be presented to Parliament sometime in November this year.

General elections in Zimbabwe are scheduled for 2023. However, there are various processes that are supposed to take place before the polls can happen.

Some of these processes include the national census, delimitation of boundaries, voter registration and voter education among others.

Zimbabwe National Statistical Agency (Zimstat) is currently putting measures in place for the census.

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) on the other hand is engaging with the various stakeholders on the delimitation process.

Speaking in Victoria Falls during the pre-budget seminar, Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube said he is aware of the election obligation hence he is allocating funds to prepare.

‘’Government is aware of the constitutional obligation to hold general elections every five years.

‘’In this regard, the next general elections are scheduled for 2023, however, there are preparatory works that have to be undertaken to ensure the successful holding of the election.

‘’Therefore, in formulating the 2022 national budget we are aware of such requirement and will set aside resources to support preparatory works,’’ he said.

It however remains to be seen how much the Minister will allocate to ZEC, but the commission has been on record complaining over inadequate funds.

Election observers have also complained over the ZEC funding mechanism which they claim affects the electoral board’s independence.

International best practice would require that ZEC be given its entire annual budget so that it can manage on its own, but the treasury usually releases the funds in drips.

At times it takes pressure for the treasury to release the funds even though they would have been allocated in the budget.

Minister Mthuli Ncube however, did not mention whether the promised funds will also cater for the by-elections that might be held anytime soon.

ElectionsZW: Govt to set aside election preparatory funds

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