Govt investigating how drugs are being imported

Govt investigating how drugs are being imported
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Govt investigating how drugs are being imported

Health and Child Care Deputy Minister John Mangwiro has told Parliament that the government through its various arms is investigating the source of illicit drugs that are coming into the country.

Drugs appear to have taken centre stage among the youths in Zimbabwe.

Some drugs are being imported into the country through porous borders.

There are also some that are being manufactured locally in backyard laboratories.

Political analysts have attributed the increase in drug abuse to the current economic hardships in the country.

The hardships have affected young people the most especially through lack of jobs and opportunities.

Responding to a question from Senator Chinake who wanted to know what the government was doing about the issue of drugs, the deputy minister said they are investigating how they are being imported.

‘’Let me say that as a nation we are not used to it but now it is with us. Our national policy says that drugs that are not licenced are not allowed in the country.  So, they are illegally brought into the country. Government, together with the Ministry of Home Affairs, are busy trying to curb and also find out who is importing these drugs with the help of the police who are investigating.

‘’Many children even those in schools are using drugs. As Government, we are saying we cannot just watch but we are investigating this matter,’’ he said.

Govt to establish drug rehabilitation centres in all districts

The deputy minister also revealed that government has plans to create rehabilitation centres in each district.

‘’As the government, we planned that we should come up with places where we rehabilitate these children per district and per province. A suggestion has come up that even those beerhalls should be turned into rehabilitation centres and homes as well so that these children can get help.

‘’They must be re-integrated back into the society because we are losing a whole generation. We are fighting drug abuse. It is not easy to just give up because the body will be used to the drugs. If we immediately withdraw them from the drugs without counselling and giving proper medication, they will be affected health-wise,’’ he added.

We should come up with awareness campaigns

According to Mangwiro, ‘’Government together with other institutions should look at ways on how to rehabilitate these children.  We should come up with awareness campaigns on the dangers of drug abuse.

‘’Some are engaging in this because they do not know the outcome. We will try by all means to explain so that children will understand and know how dangerous drugs are.  We are losing a lot of our young people to these drugs,’’ he said.

Govt investigating how drugs are being imported

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