Senator Femai: We are President Mnangagwa’s children

Senator Femai: We are President Mnangagwa’s children

Senator Femai: We are President Mnangagwa’s children

MDC-T legislator Senator Morgan Femai says Zimbabweans are President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s children and therefore are affected by sanctions imposed on him.

Mnangagwa and other leaders in Zanu PF are under targeted sanctions for alleged human rights violations.

There is, however, debate on whether the measures are on the country or on individuals. Questions are also on whether they are affecting the leaders or the ordinary citizens.

However, there have been efforts to try and have the restrictive measures removed courtesy of the re-engagement process.

The Zimbabwe government has also managed to mobilise support from other SADC members states to help call for the removal.

There is already a day that has been set aside every year for the cause.

Although the sanctions have conditions for the removal, Harare wants them removed without conditions.

In the Senate during the debate of the SONA speech, Femai said sanctions are not good.

‘’Mr President, I want to talk about sanctions. Yes, there are some who say sanctions are good while others are saying they are affecting us. It is true sanctions affect us. They are not good for us because if you find yourself with a catapult, you see a bird in its nest and you attack it, it means you have killed the chicks as well because if you kill the mother, you have killed the children as well.

‘’We are President Mnangagwa’s children and if he is under sanctions and we are his children, where do we get food from because the person who gives us food is the one who has been slapped with sanctions?

‘’So, it means we should build our economy on our own. If we have illegal gold panners paying taxes and if we engage on Pfumvudza, it will help us to build on our economy,’’ he said

Pirate taxis destroying roads

Senator Femai also took the opportunity to hit out at pirate taxis. He accused of destroying roads that have been rehabilitated by President Mnangagwa.

‘’…I think pirate taxes should really be investigated because they do not follow traffic safety rules. They are the ones damaging the roads that will have been rehabilitated by the President.

‘’The pirate taxis should be investigated so as to find out why we have a lot of illegal taxis on the roads. Who owns them? We also want to think that because our roads are now good, the trucks that come from South Africa in transit to Congo are now passing through.

‘’We hope that we will get a lot of foreign currency from those trucks. Those who were shunning our roads because of potholes are now using our roads. This is why I say our President had an insight and vision,’’ he said.

Senator Femai: We are President Mnangagwa’s children

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