Middle Income Economy agenda is off-track: Mliswa

Middle Income Economy agenda is off-track: Mliswa

Middle Income Economy agenda is off-track: Mliswa

Norton legislator Temba Mliswa has accused the government of not telling the truth about progress on the 2030 middle-income economic agenda.

He said the deadly COVID-19 virus has slowed down things economically, but the government has not informed the citizens.

Zimbabwe is aiming to become a middle-income economy by 2030 courtesy of the National Development Strategy 1.

However, speaking during the debate of the President’s SONA speech, Mliswa said the program is off course.

‘’The pandemic itself has caused havoc and it would be folly for any structure in this world to think that they are on course in terms of what they want to do as a result of the COVID pandemic. 

‘’A review is needed and while it is needed, we need to be absolutely honest with ourselves to say that with the COVID pandemic which has wreaked havoc. The 2030 Middle Income Economy Agenda, is it on course.  I would say no, it is not on course and it can never be on course.  How do we then get it to be on course, factoring that it would be delayed? 

‘’From a lot of what was said. I did not see at any point or hear that we were slowed down and while we are on course, we need to add more time to achieve what we want.

‘’It has been a global pandemic, as you know. Even as we speak today, Proplastics, which manufactures irrigation piping for the farmers, while people have paid, they do not have them. 

‘’The raw materials from the outside world are not available.  Obviously, as a farmer, I wanted to buy two centre pivots to increase my production. I cannot now, because of them not being able to supply because of the global shortage of raw materials. 

‘’Definitely, we cannot be on track.  Not only that, we need to look at issues that relate to us. Sanctions are external but before sanctions, let us deal with corruption. We cannot be putting water in a pot that leaks and say let us cook. 

‘’By the time you come back, the Honourable Members, especially the ladies who are here agree with me “kuti poto inobvinza haigone kubika sadza.” 

‘’So to me, corruption is the biggest leak.  Sanctions will be removed and money will come in but if there is a leak, that money will not go anywhere.

‘’The good thing about the aspect of corruption is it is internal, we can deal with it.  We do not have to look for anybody.  We can deal with it here,’’ he said

Middle Income Economy agenda is off-track: Mliswa

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