There is no democracy in Zimbabwe: Tsvangirai

There is no democracy in Zimbabwe: Tsvangirai
There is no democracy in Zimbabwe: Tsvangirai

Glenview South legislator Vincent Tsvangirai says the passing of Amendment Bill No.2 shows that there is no semblance of democracy in Zimbabwe.

The amendment, which is now an Act of Parliament, scrapped the running mate clause and gave President Emmerson Mnangagwa power to extend the term of Justice Luke Malaba.

Justice Malaba had been retired by operation of law, but President Mnangagwa extended his term despite fierce opposition.

The reappointment of Malaba was eventually challenged in the courts of law and is yet to be concluded.

Speaking in an interview dubbed Letter to the President, Tsvangirai said democracy has always been a challenge in Zimbabwe.

‘’Democracy in Zimbabwe has always been a challenge. I don’t think we live in a perfectly democratic country or even some semblance of a democratic country.

‘’The issue of that amendment, Amendment No.2 especially the two clauses that are very controversial, the one about running mates and the judges it’s very clear especially the issue of the judges that someone wants to put a judge that would do what he wants, to deliver what he wants,’’ he said.

Scrapping running mates is a Zanu PF internal issue

Honourable Tsvangirai who is the MDC-T shadow minister of youth, sport, art, and recreation believes the scrapping of the running clause was inspired by internal politics in Zanu PF.

‘’The running mate clause I think that is an internal issue on the ruling party side. But they are very unpopular clauses. Do they harm democracy, of course, that is very clear, but it’s a phase that is now passed.

‘’I think what is left now is what we do after. I think it’s time we organize ourselves, especially the opposition through petitions and demonstrations. Make noise about it that look this is undemocratic,’’ he said.

Vincent Tsvangirai is the son of the late MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai who died of colon cancer. The dreadlocked legislator is also the youngest in the Parliament of Zimbabwe.

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