Auditor General should not fear publishing names of looters

Auditor General should not fear publishing names of looters
Auditor General should not fear publishing names of looters

Public Accounts Committee chairperson Brian Dube says Auditor-General Mildred Chiri should not fear publishing names of looters if she has done a thorough job.

Bube’s sentiments follow indications that the Auditor-General fears being sued if she publishes names of looters in her audit reports.

The fear of being sued, has Chiri skirting certain names that would have defrauded state-owned enterprises.

Zimbabwe is losing revenue through tenders and procurement processes with some purchased goods not being delivered despite being paid for.

Most of the people and companies involved are politically connected which makes it even more difficult.

Honourable Dube was speaking during an interface with the media organised by SAPST on the Auditor General 2019 Report. He said Chiri should not be bothered by litigation threats if her reports are backed by facts.

‘’The point is that any person or company that decide to consume or be part of consummation of public funds is subject to scrutiny. So, by virtue of accepting or receiving a contract on behalf of your company or yourself which involved public funds you are actually also in the process of limiting your rights. You cannot have your cake and eat it.

Don’t be bothered if the report is factual

‘’What we recommended to the Auditor-General is she must do a thorough job and make sure their facts are right. As long as their facts are right, they should not be bothered about anyone threatening to sue them. This is because the framework for successful litigation will not succeed.

‘’We know what is required for somebody to sue and you cannot sue the Auditor General for doing their job and telling the nation what you did.

‘’For example, if company X was given money to purchase 20 cars. And they decided to deliver 8, and 12 are outstanding the Auditor-General must just write as it is so that we know.

‘’If we see you walking in the streets, we will know this is the guy who still owes us 12 cars period. So, what we do not want is actually to tarnish companies deliberately without facts. But as long as facts are there, there should be no issue at all.

‘’The duty of transparency and accountability is paramount and supersede the individual interest. Those who do not want to be known please do not enter into our public contracts. Do not partake in any contract that involves taxpayers money, because if you do your name will be published. Especially if you do things wrongly,’’ he said.

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