Chamisa sees me as a good guy: Mwonzora

Chamisa sees me as a good guy: Mwonzora
MDC-T leader Douglas Mwonzora being interviewed by Comrade Fatso

MDC-T leader Douglas Mwonzora says he has no personal issues with Nelson Chamisa, adding that they just differ on leadership styles.

According to Mwonzora, the MDC Alliance leader (Chamisa) also sees him as a good guy.

In an interview on The Week, Mwonzora said he also sees Chamisa as a nice guy who wear nice shirts.

‘’The relationship between myself and Chamisa is not a personal one, we have no personal issues against each other. We tolerate each other, I think he is a particularly nice guy he is funny; he wears nice shirts and so on.

‘’I do not simply agree with his leadership styles, and he also thinks that in some instances I am a good guy that is what he normally tells people,’’ he said.

G40 is a kiss of death

Asked on what he would do if he were stuck on a crocodile infested island with Chamisa, Mwonzora said he would try to save him.

‘’He is a Zimbabwean, he is my brother, and I would try to save him from the crocodile if I can, just like I am trying to save him from the political folly that he is trying to get into.

‘’The association with G40 is a kiss of death, nothing good is going to come from the association with Jonathan Moyo and so on, the politics do allow it.

‘’I will do my best to try to talk to him, I have extended an olive branch on more than two occasions. The first one we met at a funeral after I had taken over as President. I said to him two things directing to him, that we have absolutely no option but to unite the people of Zimbabwe.

‘’Number two we have absolutely no option but to tackle the Zimbabwean problems together as people of one family,’’ he said.

I don’t mind Chamisa leading his party

The MDC-T leader said he does not mind seeing Chamisa leading a political party, adding that people must understand that everyone enjoys the same political rights.

‘’I understand that Chamisa, just like Mnangagwa (Emmerson) are Zimbabweans with a particular way of looking at politics and life and they have the right to be.

‘’And I do not mind that he is leading his party and so on, but his supporters must know that in as much as they have that right other people have those rights too. They must not spend all their time on Mwonzora.

‘’Now they have assigned this guy Ruhanya (Pedzisayi), he has twitted 889 times and of those 889 times since April, 771 he is mentioning Douglas Mwonzora.

‘’I am saying play your brand of football, play your game, and do not worry about the other team. Strengthen your team it needs you he is busy wasting his time on me, but this is the type of politics that we need to get rid of and as you have seen I have not shouted back at Ruhanya or back at Jonathan Moyo,’’ he said.  

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