Chamisa is not a factional leader: Maengahama

Chamisa is not a factional leader: Maengahama
Last Maengahama...picture courtesy of The Zimbabwean

Last Maengahama says Nelson Chamisa is not a leader of a faction but is leading the real MDC.

Maengahama who was recently acquitted together with Tungamirai Madzokere by the court after spending about 10 years in prison, appears to have taken a different route to the one taken by Yvonne Musarurwa.

Musarurwa is now with the Douglas Mwonzora led MDC-T where she was appointed a Proportional Representation legislator.

In an interview with Comrade Fatso, Maengahama said he is following Nelson Chamisa because he leads the real MDC.

‘’I do not belong to a faction; I do not believe the party led by Nelson Chamisa is a faction. That is the real MDC, that is where I belong.

‘’Politics is not about money if you want money you have to sell tomatoes and mangoes to get your money. But when you come to politics its serious business about the governance of the people and our county,’’ he said.

There is no new dispensation

Maengahama who was arrested during the time of the late Robert Mugabe and released under Emmerson Mnangagwa says he does not believe there is a new dispensation or second republic in Zimbabwe.

Chamisa is not a factional leader: Maengahama

‘’We are not doing justice to the English terms, new dispensation, and Second Republic, they do not apply in our scenario. There is no new dispensation to talk about, there is no second republic to talk about.

‘’Since 1980 we have been under one system, that system is still the system that is governing this country. So, you will never hear me using those words, they do not apply,’’ he said.

Asked if there is still hope for change in Zimbabwe, Maengahama said he was optimistic that Zimbabwe will be free. He also added that every Zimbabwean has duty to bring about the required change.

‘’The struggle continues, we are our own liberators, no one will come and liberate this country for us. We Zimbabweans we must do everything possible to make sure that we are free and free we are going to be.

‘’I am optimistic, and I am confident that whatever the challenges we face now they are nothing, this Zimbabwe is going to be free one day get it from me,’’ said Maengahama.

Chamisa is not a factional leader: Maengahama

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