Don’t be jealous, it’s constitutional to use our two-thirds: Zanu PF

Don’t be jealous, it's constitutional to use our two-thirds: Zanu PF
Don’t be jealous, it's constitutional to use our two-thirds: Zanu PF

Zanu PF Chief Whip in the National Assembly, Pupurai Togarepi has told Parliament that his party is within its rights to use the two-thirds majority to come up with laws it deems necessary.

This comes following a spate of complaints that Zanu PF was abusing its two-thirds majority in Parliament to pass bad laws.

 Two weeks ago, Zanu PF with the help of MDC-T (Douglas Mwonzora) approved the controversial Constitution Amendment Bill No. 1 in the Senate.

The Bill seeks to give President Emmerson Mnangagwa power to appoint top judges on his own. This is a departure from the current state where they must go through public interviews.

Speaking in the National Assembly, during the Second Reading of the Constitution Amendment Bill No.2, Honourable Togarepi said when it is necessary to use the two-thirds Zanu PF will gladly use it.

“The other issue that was raised relates to abuse of the two-thirds majority.  The two-thirds majority was given to us by the people of Zimbabwe.  Then people must live with that.  It is not our choice.

“We went and asked the people to support us – we went to the people and said we would want to represent your interests and we got that support from the people – we have the two-thirds. 

“If it is necessary for us to use the two-thirds, then definitely we would not shy away because it is constitutional to use the two-thirds to vote and represent the majority,” he said. 

Honourable Togarepi added that other legislators must appreciate that Zanu PF is giving them the opportunity to add their views voices to Bill.

“My other colleague Members should really appreciate that we are being very reasonable, that is why we are bringing this amendment for debate and to get what those who are representing lesser people in Parliament have a say.

“Mliswa is scared about two-thirds, he cannot keep quiet.  I do not know why. The issue Madam Speaker is we just have to read Amendment Number 2 and understand what it seeks to achieve.

“It is not to disadvantage anybody.  Members should acquaint themselves with that amendment.  For me, it represents progress.  We need to amend it so that we move with the times and the Constitution is helpful to the aspirations of the people of Zimbabwe,” he said.

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