Go to the ground, Govt told

Go to the ground, Govt told
Go to the ground, Govt told

By Karen Nyeraurombo

Norton legislator Temba Mliswa says leaders in government are currently operating from an uninformed position and should come to the ground to see reality.

The government in Zimbabwe has often been accused of coming up with policies that do not reflect the situation on the ground.

This has seen people suffering than benefitting from government’s efforts and this has not gone down well with Honourable Mliswa.

Writing on Twitter, Honourable Mliswa said “We are experiencing a facade that the auction-rate is the prevailing rate being applied to goods and services when in fact it is not. It is important for leaders to go on the ground and see what is happening.

“Currently our leaders are functioning at air level, which in practice may work but not applicable practically. Until our leaders come to the ground level, can we say we have leaders who understands people’s needs and what they are going through?

“We are always told government will do something about salary disparities but to no avail. Such a system cannot prevail, ultimately the bubble will burst and people will falsely be labelled anti-government. However, if you are a government which isn’t accepting reality on the ground, it’s at war with itself,” he said.

Honourable Mliswa added that “We need to get to a point where the right things are done for people, we need to avoid monies being channeled towards corrupt activities whilst those who built this country like the civil servants continue to receive pittances as salaries.

“If the cost of school fees, fuel, basic commodities are being increased and prices are being pegged against the parallel and not auction bank rate, how do teachers and other civil servants survive if their increments doesn’t match?

The government is currently at war with teachers over salary issues.