Masarira: Zanu PF, MDCs are being used by foreigners

Masarira: Zanu PF, MDCs are being used by foreigners
LEAD president Linda Masarira says Zanu PF and the MDC formations are being used by foreigners

Women’s rights activist and politician Linda Masarira says Zanu PF, MDC-T and MDC Alliance are being used by foreigners to sell the country’s sovereignty unknowingly.

Masarira who front the Labour Economists and African Democrats (LEAD) said all those people who claim to be helping or want to help Zimbabwe will want something in return.

She said the solution to the country’s problems can only be found if people in Zimbabwe put their heads together to discuss.

Speaking to Q Dube on the Take-Down, Masarira said “We continue to say as LEAD, we should not try to get power by selling our sovereignty because there is no free lunch in politics, there is no free lunch. Anyone who is coming to help you is not coming to help you for nothing they want something back in return.

“It’s unfortunate that both the MDCs and Zanu PF are being used by neo-colonialists and they don’t understand that. Zanu PF is being used by the Chinese and Russians, the MDCs are used by the Americans and the British and other nationalities.

“But at the end of the day if we want to fix the crisis of Zimbabwe we have to get to the stage where we put our heads together and say ok we all have our different political jackets but today let’s not talk about our political ideology, lets starting discussing a way forward that works for the people of Zimbabwe,” she said.

Masarira: Zanu PF, MDCs are being used by foreigners

Masarira’s sentiments come at a time when Zimbabwe has received about 400 000 doses of Sinopharm vaccine from China, with Russia expected to donate some.

The Zimbabwean government enjoys cordial relations with Russia and China who have stood with it against Western countries who accuse it of violating human rights.

Masarira: Zanu PF, MDCs are being used by foreigners

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