We will fight imposition of tyrannical systems: Chamisa

We will fight imposition of tyrannical systems: Chamisa
MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa

By Shamiso Ndangana

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa says his party will fight any efforts by Zanu PF to impose tyrannical systems in the country.

Chamisa’s sentiments come following social media posts by Zanu PF director of Information Tafadzwa Mugwadi that the ruling party was working on creating a one-party state system.

Speaking during his Zimbabwe Agenda 2021 address, the youthful politician said his party will fight to defend the constitution and will ensure that it is implemented.

“We will demand and oppose this executive culture of wanting to impose a tyrannical system where we have a big man instead of a big institution, where we have one man instead of having one nation. This is going to be our big fight.

“The fight for a people’s constitution and constitutionalism. The fight will focus on defending the preservation of the 2013 Constitution and demanding that it be implemented with all laws aligned to it with particular reference to such governing issues as devolution.

“We strongly oppose Amendment number 2 which seeks to entrenched and reintroduce an imperial Presidency and reverse the gains of the constitutional democracy that we attain through referendum,” he said

With regards to issues of people’s livelihood that have continued to be a challenge, Chamisa said MDC Alliance will champion alternatives policies that speak to the needs of the people.

“We will champion alternative policies and demands that address the needs and challenges of Zimbabweans, in particular the working people in various sectors, such as the civil servants, teachers, health workers, the private sector workforce, informal traders and vulnerable groups in both urban and rural areas.

“The success of this fight will be anchored on alternative economic policies. We will engage citizens to demand sound economic administration,” he said.

According to Chamisa, MDC Alliance has the answers to the country’s problems while Zanu PF has the problems.

We will fight imposition of tyrannical systems: Chamisa
We will fight imposition of tyrannical systems: Chamisa

“We have answers, they have the problems, they have the questions but we have the answers,” he said.

We will fight imposition of tyrannical systems: Chamisa

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