Kwaramba: Zimbos are unpatriotic they don’t watch ZTV

Kwaramba: Zimbos are unpatriotic they dont watch ZTV
Proportional Representation legislator Goodlucky Kwaramba

Proportional Representation legislator Goodlucky Kwaramba says most Zimbabweans are unpatriotic to the extent that they don’t take part in national events as well as watch ZTV.

Adding her voice to the debate on the motion that is calling for the enactment of the Patriotic Bill, Honourable Kwaramba said Zimbabweans are interested in DSTv.

“In most cases, people in Zimbabwe are not interested in national events taking place, for example, they do not even watch our local television but they are interested in international channels such as DSTv channels. People here are not at all interested in the development or progress of our own country but the progress of other countries.

“A lot of Zimbabweans do not want to buy locally produced products but those products which have been produced from other countries. We do not have that passion or love for our own country, Zimbabwe.

“For example, In South Africa, there is a politician called Julius Malema and he is an opposition to the South African Ruling Party. However, at one point Mr Malema congratulated the winning President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa for winning the elections. We must learn to sit down and speak with one voice but you will see a person refusing flat out to sit and speak with others. Where will such behaviour take us if we continue to refuse to come together and speak as one?

“I just want to encourage the people of Zimbabwe to come together and resolve issues. If the President calls us to come and talk about issues, let us listen because we will not benefit by continuing to oppose each other. I also encourage us as Zimbabweans to be one and get to appreciate the good that one other person will have done,” she said.

Honourable Kwaramba added that people are not appreciating efforts being made by the government in responding to COVID-19.

She said they are trashing the vaccine on social media and many other platforms.

“Currently there is the COVID-19 pandemic. Vaccines were sourced for everyone so that we can be vaccinated and no one dies of COVID but people continue to oppose all the good that someone does for them.

Vaccines are still under observations: WHO,
Kwaramba: Zimbos are unpatriotic they dont watch ZTV

“I do not know what is wrong with Zimbabweans. There is so much being posted on social media discouraging people from being vaccinated yet this is being done for our safety. Is that loving our country? Do you think it would have been good for the President to just leave people dying of COVID and not implement lockdown? Let us learn to appreciate what our leader is doing for us.

“Currently there is devolution so that power is decentralised for our country to prosper but you just hear people opposing everything that is being done. We do not like anything from Zimbabwe. We just think that everything coming from Zimbabwe is bad. My encouragement is for us to work together and love each other.

“There is this animal called sanctions. They came upon us because some people went and begged for sanctions to be put upon Zimbabwe. It is unbelievable that some people actually went to beg for sanctions for our country. I remember another year when they were even saying on top of the sanctions switch off the power so that they suffer. I do not think it is a good thing. Let us come together as one and build our country. Where something bad is spoken against Zimbabwe let every Zimbabwean stand and defend our country.

“Let me conclude by saying the law should be put in place to punish whoever does not love his/her country. The law should forbid people from going outside our country and saying negative things about our country. Those people should be arrested for that offence. I want to thank Honourable (Alum) Mpofu for his motion. #PatrioticBillZW

Kwaramba: Zimbos are unpatriotic they dont watch ZTV