Khupe assailant identified: MDC-T

Khupe assailant identified: MDC-T
MDC-T vice president Thokozani Khupe was assaulted while trying to leave HICC which was the venue of the party's congress

MDC-T says the person who allegedly slapped its acting president Thokozani Khupe at the Harare International Conference Centre (HICC) has been identified and we will be expelled from the party.

Khupe was allegedly slapped while being dragged out of the HICC which was the venue of the party’s extraordinary congress.

The moment when Khupe was slapped

Many youths were baying for her blood after she tried to stop the elections and confiscate the ballot boxes from the tables.

The video Khupe tried to stop the elections

The incident saw party president Douglas Mwonzora setting up a team to investigate the matter with the help of security at the HICC.

Speaking to Q Dube on Magamba TV’s Take Down, Mwonzora revealed that the assailant has since been identified and action is being taken to bring him to justice.

we have identified the assailant, says Mwonzora

“…I am glad to say that they have identified the assailant and they are going to deal with the assailant first, as a party we are going to expel that person to just send a clear message that we do not accept violence against any person and let alone against a woman and a leader for that matter and at that time against an acting president or a candidate in a presidential election,” he said.

Mwonzora added that “The fact that we have moved very very fast to get the person identified, get the person brought to justice and not only that we are going to press criminal charges against this person.

“But not only that, there were people who were shouting at her, I wont go back to say what was she doing before because nothing justifies the treatment she received.

“There were people who were shouting derogatory sexist language, we are also going to take action on those,” he said.

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