We have the worst calibre of Ministers: Mliswa

We have the worst calibre of Ministers: Mliswa

The current Zanu PF cabinet has been branded the worst the country has ever had in terms of performance and ability to defend the President.

Norton legislator Temba Mliswa told the National Assembly that the President appears to be more loyal to the ministers than they are to him.

The outspoken legislator added that most ministers fail the accountability test in their performance and are easily outclassed by those who were under Robert Mugabe.

“As I conclude, His Excellency must equally understand that he needs to have a team that will pump. There has got to be reflection and this House must be able to hold the Ministers accountable. For a very long time, the Ministers have been coming here and I said the last time he seems to be more loyal to them than them being loyal to the President.

“They must be able to perform. There has got to be a performance. The Office of the President and Cabinet must be able to have Ministers valuate them and monitor what is happening.

“We have got the worst calibre of Ministers. They do not come, they are arrogant, economically and politically, they are weak and they have no orientation,” he said.

The legislator added that most of the ministers should be sent to the famed Hebert Chitepo School of Ideology to be taught how to defend their party.

“I wish that these Ministers could be sent to the Herbert Chitepo Ideological College so that they are able to defend their party. They cannot defend their party. If you compare them to the Cabinet of the late R. G. Mugabe, they could steal and face you while they are stealing but they kept the President in power. These ones steal and they do not keep the President in power.

“If there is anything, they are a liability. It is about time we understand that in SONA, we must have people who are willing to perform. Zanu PF has got a lot of educated people where it can pick from. Some of the Ministers who are picked have never spoken in Parliament but you hear he has become a Minister. How will he present?

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