MP fails to get drugs at Parliament’s clinic

MP fails to get drugs at Parliament’s clinic

Hurungwe Central legislator Dought Ndiweni has expressed concern after failing to get drugs from Parliament’s clinic which is said to be empty.

The clinic was established to serve legislators and Parliament staff when the houses are sitting.

However, due to resources the clinic is not adequately stocked, a development which has seen it failing to play its role effectively.

Speaking in the National Assembly, Honourable Ndiweni said he was disappointed to find that the clinic has no stocks when he went to get medication for heartburn.

“On a point of privilege Madam Speaker Ma’am. My point of privilege is on the availability of drugs at our Parliament clinic. I would understand if the shortage of drugs was of those chronic ailments.

“For a long time, we do not have simple drugs like MMT. This morning I had a heart burn and there was nothing. The clinic does not have those simple drugs.

“I wish attention will be given to the clinic and the availability of such simple drugs,” he said.

Unavailability of drugs at the clinic could be attributed to the fact that Parliament has only received about 50% of the allocated 2021 national budget.

Besides, the drugs in the clinic, some of the equipment and furniture at Parliament of Zimbabwe appears to have outlived their lifespan although they are still in use.

The situation at the Parliament’s clinic is as the same as what obtains in the country’s hospitals and clinics, as a situation which has seen people dying unnecessarily

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