Lecturers getting same salary as primary school teachers

Lecturers getting same salary as primary school teachers

The Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Higher and Tertiary Education has bemoaned the low salaries that lecturers in colleges and universities are getting which is said to be at the same level with primary school teachers.

This has been attributed to the brain drain that is being experienced in the universities where the highly qualified lecturers are leaving for greener pastures.

Speaking in the National Assembly on behalf of the committee, Honourable Lindiwe Maphosa said there is need set lecturers salary at the same level with their regional peers.

“The remuneration of lecturers in our universities and colleges is quite worrisome as it is resulting in massive resignations and skills flight.

“College lecturers are earning the same salaries as primary school teachers in spite of their higher qualifications and skills set.

“Professors are earning about US$300 compared to the regional average of about US$2000 per month. There is, therefore, need to achieve regional parity in the remuneration of university and college lecturers,” she said.

Teachers and lecturers have been on industrial action in the past few months demanding better salaries and working conditions.

Among the demand, are getting their salaries in United States Dollars or equivalent at the auction exchange rate.

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