Harare West Update | Impeachment Of President – Hon. Jessie Majome

Dear Harare Westerners
The National Assembly resumes sitting [today] at 2.15pm after a two week break to deal with the finance minister’s budget proposals upon resumption. Now SO much has happened since then! The minister is not in the public eye.

A political earthquake in the form of apparently unanimous military and civilian demands for the President to leave office will be played out in Parliament [today]. If the President has resigned in terms of section 96 of the Constitution the Speaker Hon Francis Mudenda will announce it. If not, Hon. James Maridadi is expected to move a motion to impeach him in terms of section 97 as he notified the Speaker of his motion before all this escalated and is still waiting for a response. Its interesting therefore that the media says ZANU PF Chief Whip Hon. Lovemore Matuke will move the same motion! Well go Mugabe must, one way or the other!
For that to happen 50% of us in a joint sitting must resolve that the issue be investigated. The Committee on Standing Rules and Orders then appoints a 9 member investigative committee of it which if it recommends he be impeached requires passage by a 2/3 majority of a joint Parliament sitting(of the National Assembly and Senate).
ZANU PF is now crowing that it doesn’t need our numbers.
What say you?
Your MP
Jessie Majome
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  1. Honourable we voted ylu to represent us we expect you to do the right thing. Impeach the presidenr this has nothing todo with Zanu but our helplessness.
    All other issues later

  2. Listening to what most Zanu PF MP’s have since said, Chinamasa didn’t represent the views of Zanu PF. I urge all parliamentarians to unite on this one. Whoever then gets to be President will know that if she/he disregards the Constitution, thw same fate awaits

  3. Zanu does not need you but we have placed you in parliament for us – not for ZANU. We want the President gone so just ensure it happens.

  4. Their reasoning behind the removal of Mugabe is that they want to be stronger for next years elections. It defies logic why we should be involved in their differences unless there is a clear road-map and certain guarantees.
    We prefer Zanu weaker, so a big NO from me!

  5. Madam MP you represent the voice of the people . If we had an option we would have come there ourselves to say Go on to impeach the President . This is our only God given chance to freedom . Its not about ZANU Pf but all of us who are suffering because of Grace’s influence on our oldman . We love Mugabe but his wife has brought more harm than good so to show her that Zimbabwe is not their property we have no option put to show our oldman the exit door . We showed it on the Streets last saturday and l beg you to show it by your VOTE to impeach the oldman . Your Vote is representng us here .

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