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By Tariro Daphne Senderayi


This is a pertinent question. This being because for one to aspire to occupy a public office of course they anticipate personal gain but at the same time they have identified a gap in their ward or constituency. Having listened to the greatest speeches in the world by various world leaders from the radicals like Adolf Hitler to the charismatic presidents of the free world ‘America ‘like Sir Abraham Lincoln it is clear that all those speeches are tied together by a common thread. This word rings in all those speeches is the need to do it for the PEOPLE. The people being led are the common factor. Without them this aspirant wouldn’t be working so hard to sell his or her manifesto.
It’s important to ask one aspiring to share their manifesto as an individual and not the party manifesto that we are well versed with. Party Manifestos  of political parties like ZANU PF , MDC-T, ZIM PEOPLE FIRST etc are a public secret and as an electorate you need to quiz this person about their personal manifesto which will make them relatable to the electorate and will sell them to you.
One such person who has always been a great orator in our lifetime is undoubtedly our current President Robert Mugabe, who on the eve of independence in 1980 gave one such profound speech clearly in this except
“Tomorrow we shall be celebrating the historic event, which our people have striven for nearly a century to achieve. Our people, young and old, men and women, black and white, living and dead, are, on this occasion, being brought together in a new form of national unity that makes them all Zimbabweans. Independence will bestow on us a new personality, a new sovereignty, a new future and perspective, and indeed a new history and a new past. Tomorrow we are being born again; born again not as individuals but collectively as a people, nay, as a viable nation of Zimbabweans. “


Obviously, upon identifying a gap that was left by the person in office before them, a prudent political aspirant will maximise on the weaknesses of their predecessor. This is what should convince those voting for one that unlike the other person this person speaks into the issues that affect people in his ward or constituency. We have witnessed in Zimbabwe that the politics is mainly about throwing each other under the bus without speaking to the issues affecting the people.
Now that the issues affecting Zimbabwe have exacerbated to such alarming levels, the people voting in the next harmonised elections will be hungry and eager to hear how issues of high rate of unemployment shall be addressed (not selling the propaganda of creating an impossible 4,4 million jobs which is tantamount to selling a dream), the issue of corruption by public officials, service delivery, failing institutions just to mention a few. So in as much as one is tempted to win us over by mudslinging, it would not hurt in any way for them to proffer solutions to some of the problems plaguing the electorate.
Here is an example of mudslinging carried out by Proffesor Mutsvangwa when he was still the leaders of the war vets in ZANU PF, here he was tearing into Professor Jonathan Moyo when factionalism had begun in ZANU PF
 “Professor (Moyo) extols Rambo, the celluloid American war hero shooting to smithereens lesser human minions. This is a minister from a land that produces immortal modern warriors like legendary General Tongogara.
“Clearly, a stranger to the history of a country he waxes lyrical about and aspires to emerge as its tinpot dictator. The scorn and irreverence of Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde professor has paradoxically served to arouse the Spirit of Chimurenga and he better pay heed.”

I pray hard that it makes recourse to all the rich history of the party that has achieved so much. Jonathan Moyo is a different kettle of fish. A war deserter with a chameleon modus operandi, he is the Gregori Rasputin ghost of Zimbabwe politics and governance.

“He long ago sold his soul to the right wing regime change operatives of Uncle Sam. As a revolutionary cadre, I have no truck at all with such a life of compelling treachery.”


Because the youth have seen the same faces in public office from 1980 to date, it is a question they need answered as to when they shall be given a chance to execute leadership. This is very important because we have witnessed in party structures Zanu PF and the opposition included maybe serve for VIVA Zimbabwe that the inclusion of the youth is minimal and that should be a cause for concern. The theory of the ‘Youth Bulge’ applies because as long as the political parties continue to sideline young capable leaders and continuously award them with periphery roles, the youth who most are unemployed and disgruntled pose as a great risk for civil unrest. Thus, in the run for office in 2018 any aspirant should be able to speak into the inclusion of young people on the decision making table. This is an issue on the lips of many youths and ignoring this would indeed be detrimental to one’s campaign. This need inspired the speech of Acie Lumumba the Party Chairman for Viva Zimbabwe at their first press conference when he said
“ We are faced with a generational divide between old ideas and new thought, between Rhodesian wounds and democratic messaging, between a generation that has served its purpose and a generation fighting for a chance to serve theirs. It is this disconnect and disregard of our generation that has brought us to a point of forming our own generational consensus and building a youth led political party.”
To be continued…

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