Only the best will get TV licences: Mutsvangwa

Only the best will get TV licences: Mutsvangwa

Information Minister Monica Mutsvangwa has told Parliament that TV licences will only be awarded to the best candidates and that government will not favour anyone.

Zimbabwe is not the verge of awarding about six TV licences to the 14 listed candidates after public interviews.

The country which got independence in 1980 is currently the only one in SADC that has one television station.

As if that is not enough, radio licences were awarded to state-owned institutions and people aligned to the government.

The late Oliver Mtukudzi applied for a licence but did not meet the criteria.

The government has also refused to licence community radio stations and has been making endless promises.

Community radio stations are deemed to be in support of the opposition’s perceived regime change agenda.

This has resulted in Kambuzuma legislator Willias Madzimure to ask for assurance that licences will not be awarded to those aligned to it as was the case with radio stations.

In her response, Minister Mutsvangwa said only the best candidates will get the licences without favour.

“Let me assure Honourable (Willias) Madzimure that the processes which BAZ are doing are above board and they are following all that is in the statutes.

“That process will be done without favouring anybody. We will make sure that the best gets the licence,” she said.

State institution the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation currently run the only television station (ZTV) and several radio stations.

Other institutions that have radio licences include ZIMPAPERS, AB Communications and Buy Zimbabwe which is run by Munyaradzi Hwengwere.

Govt realises need for more TV stations

According to Minister Mutsvangwa, the government is giving licences after realising the need to give citizens variety.

“We realise the importance of having commercial television so that we give our Zimbabwean audience in terms of what they should be watching.

“That process is on and 14 applicants applied for those licences and they were listed. Interviews are ongoing.

“Public inquiries will be ongoing and the process is very transparent. They will be chosen without fear or favour, transparently,” she said.

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