MPs represent the party, not the people: Mangwana

MPs represent the party, not the people: Mangwana

By Sibusiso Ncube

Zanu PF’s Secretary for Legal Affairs Paul Mangwana has supported the recall of MDC Alliance legislators adding that MPs represent the party and not the people.

Since being declared the legitimate leader of MDC-T by the Supreme Court, Dr Thokozani Khupe has recalled about 22 legislators.

This has raised a lot of questions especially with different legal experts giving differing opinions on the issue.

Speaking during a virtual forum organised by the Sapes Trust, Mangwana said what is elected to Parliament is the party.

“The basis of the recall Clause is from the fact that what is elected into Parliament and to rule the country is a political party and not individuals.

“It’s the political party which fund the individual and people elect a party he or she belongs to because they agree with what they represent.

“If you cease to belong to the ideology and philosophy of a party they have the right to withdraw you.

“In order for democracy to be tested you are free to contest in the by election as an individual and if your views are in-line with the constituency they can vote you in,” he said Mangwana.

The former legislator added that candidates are elected to effect their political party manifestos and party interests.

“You are elected to put into effect the party manifesto and promote its interest and if you stop representing it you are recalled.”

He said “You cannot then argue against a political party that voted you in the Parliament.

“The voter chooses a political party, not an individual, the political party comes first, then the individual, your right to contest is signed by the secretary of elections of your party.

“In Zimbabwe, we have what’s called political party democracy. It’s the party which is voted for and represented by the voted member, there is no direct representation if you are a member of a political party, this is what we agreed on in our constitution,” he said.

MPs represent the party, not the people: Mangwana

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